Mobile applications for Steam

Mobile applications for Steam

The Steam platform is very popular with modern gamers. At first, when the platform was small and small, it was just a service for a collective game in Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.4. But now, Steam has become a multifunctional platform that has huge potential for social networking, online shopping, and streaming even. We also want to mention the fact that the feature set of this platform was only available after the software client was installed on the computer. Now, Steam has a full web version and even a mobile app for Android.

The amount of mobile traffic is increasing, which people consume every year. In 2021, for the first time in modern human history, Internet purchases of smartphones and tablets were equal to those on computers. That is why it is not unusual that all modern Internet platforms and stores aspire to start functioning not only on the basis of Windows, Mac or Linux but also within the boundaries of Android and iOS. Steam also has several unique applications.

Official Steam application

The official mobile application from Steam is the first tool we would like to mention in this article. Gamers were unhappy with the first versions of this client, but with the release of the update in June 2021, the app began to look very different, and now it no longer has the same malfunctions that caused users to have trouble registering earlier.

Among the main features of the mobile version of Steam is the possibility to always be connected to the Steam community. So now, wherever a gamer is, for example, at work, on vacation, or a trip, he or she will be able to receive important notifications from friends and services to keep abreast of developments and respond to them promptly. In particular, you can:

  • receive and respond to communications from friends;
  • view interesting groups;
  • study gamer profiles;
  • learn about the latest game news;
  • get info about sales.

However, the functionality of this program is limited. But you can download a lot of applications that will help you use a lot more features. We will describe one of them in more detail in this article.

Smart Steam Emu

Smart Steam Emu 1.4.3 download
Smart Steam Emu 1.4.3

SmartSteamEmu is an application that helps users play games available in Steam but without a client. In other words, it is an emulator for launching games in Steam.


To start, copy the folder the game is installed in. Next, you should run this file using SmartSteamEmu. Then you will need to add a file with the EXE extension to the library. After that, the user can click on the icon and start simply enjoying the gameplay in the licensed game without its purchase. we want to draw your attention rto that you will not be able to run DRM games this way.

Control panel

So far, this program has an interface in English only. That’s why the first thing you should do is press the launch button to start the game. If the user is going to play the game without emulators, he or she can choose the «Start in Normal Mode» function. This program helps users play fresh projects with their friends over the local network. Also, there are several servers to which the user and friends can connect without connecting to the network. Moreover, SmartSteamEmu supports various plugins. To get the best possible performance of this application, you should simply download free software for PC and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime.


Among the strengths of this tool are:

  • ability to run a game only available in Steam, without its client;
  • simply pressing the launch button to start the game;
  • need to add a file with EXE type to the menu;
  • users can create a local network for games;
  • the programme has a simple interface.

We are glad that any user can start such an apps download for free. To do so, he should simply visit a special site that has a catalogue of archived computer program files.