How to promote a mobile application

How to promote a mobile application

There are huge selections of modern mobile programs, each of which can meet the needs of any user. New classifications and types of programs appear every day, and each has its own strengths that people can take advantage of. However, you should learn promptly about how to complement your mobile application. For this, you can use several options, but there are norms and requirements that you have to consider. Therefore, you created the application and put it on the basis of Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone Store. Our article will tell you about the next steps.

How to promote a mobile application: tips and recommendations

  • Social media. You can use as an assistant a list of recommendations for application developers that you need most. The need to use as many channels as possible is the most important option. You should report your new development on the Twitter or Facebook platform. In addition, you will be able to achieve the planned result more successfully if you write several entries and will post them on your blog with links to the official website of the project first.
  • Electronic and paper media. According to experts, the success of the promotion will depend on how often information about the application is mentioned in the media. Promoting a mobile application in the media is an option you should start by using such popular magazines as AppAdvice, AppSpy, 148Apps. In the future, you can use other sources to make the mailing. You will be sure to provide detailed information. In addition, the use of some epithets is unacceptable, such as «great», «unique» and «amazing», because they distract from the main essence of the note. Explanatory screenshots are another important component of such a posting.
  • SEO. Typically, users do not search for a specific application on the Internet. Instead, they write a query in a search line such as «download free», «lyrics» and the like. Therefore, you should include in the text of your note only the most common words and key phrases that will allow the Internet user to find your site among the first search results. If you are not able to write your own texts, you should contact a specialist in this field.
  • Promo code. Most people take this method lightly, but it’s wrong. For example, if an application is downloaded for promotion, then the user will not be able to leave a review. You can post links to promoters on a social network like Twitter and create a mailing list for popular bloggers who will work with you with great enthusiasm.

We have listed just a few proven ways to help you improve your mobile program and give you an effective result. However, there are many other methods and tools and you can read about them on our website right now. All you need to do is visit our website and you will soon be able to get professional advice from specialists who are very good at this field.