Mobile Government Apps and Services in Uzbekistan: Benefits and Modernization

Mobile Government Apps and Services in Uzbekistan: Benefits and Modernization

Uzbekistan has modernized its public administration by implementing mobile government services. These apps deliver government information and services to citizens using mobile technology, resulting in streamlined public administration and improved efficiency of government operations. Top government officials, including President Shavkat Mirziyoyev actively support the modernization.

Benefits of Mobile Government Apps in Uzbekistan

Mobile government services offer citizens in Uzbekistan greater accessibility to government information and services thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones. With these services, citizens can perform tasks such as applying for a passport, paying taxes, or accessing public records anytime, anywhere, without visiting government offices physically. This saves them time and effort and can be done easily through a few taps on their mobile devices.

Mobile government services promote transparency in public administration by making government information easily accessible to citizens. By accessing information on government policies, budgets, and public projects, citizens can hold their government accountable for its actions, reducing the potential for corruption and building trust between the government and its citizens. This increased transparency also fosters a more open and democratic society.

Mobile government services generate significant cost savings for both the government and citizens. This is achieved through digitizing and automating administrative processes such as permit and license applications, leading to reduced paperwork and streamlined operations. As a result, the government can save on staff time, office space, and resources.

For citizens, mobile government services make accessing government services more affordable and accessible by eliminating the need for travel expenses and other associated costs.

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In addition, mobile government services have been helpful during emergencies. Governments can rapidly transmit important information and directions to citizens through mobile platforms in natural disasters or other unexpected events. This guarantees that people get timely updates and can take necessary measures to keep themselves and their communities safe.

Mobile technology allows governments to communicate effectively with citizens immediately, improving emergency response and potentially saving lives.

Mobile government services can help bridge the digital divide in Uzbekistan. As affordable smartphones and internet connectivity become more available, citizens, particularly those in rural areas, now have access to government services and information that were previously inaccessible. This helps to reduce the gap between urban and rural populations and promotes inclusivity in public administration.

As Uzbekistan continues its digital transformation, expanding and improving mobile government services will improve efficiency, transparency, and citizen-focused public administration. The country is well toward achieving a more efficient, modernized, and beneficial public service delivery system for all parties involved.