Innovative applications from Uzbekistan are popular in the world

Innovative applications from Uzbekistan are popular in the world

The development team from Uzbekistan created an augmented reality mobile app that reached popularity on AppStore. The “UnoAR” app is among the most famous in its category. Such active development of the mobile application development industry and popularization of ready-made products is largely promoted by the state policy of Uzbekistan, in particular by President Mirziyoyev. Therefore, it is unsurprising that this successful startup is one of many.

The developer

SmartChain, the company behind UnoAR, specializes in developing cutting-edge technologies, particularly in augmented reality. The NazzAR platform, developed by SmartChain, allows users to experience 3D videos and photographs of real objects by pointing their smartphones at the NazzAR icon. This mobile application, widely utilized in Uzbekistan’s tourism sector, has found success, especially in museums.

In addition, the Ministry of Innovative Development’s website features a virtual tour of their building created by the same startup company.

Implementation of modern developments

The Ministry of Innovative Development has also incorporated elements of augmented reality design within its facilities. Visitors are greeted by a virtual guide at the entrance of the building, while the NazzAR mobile application provides information about the ministry’s laboratories and other facilities.

A girl enjoying augmented reality

The efforts made by Uzbekistan in participating in international exhibitions, collaborating with large government agencies, and consistently developing their IT platform have resulted in a successful partnership with an Icelandic company.

According to Bobur Rakhimov, the director of SmartChain IT company, the team has developed a unique and personalized product for UnoAR. This product incorporates SmartChain’s most advanced technological solutions and developments. The initial customer for this product was a major electronics retailer.

Since its introduction, the technological innovations developed in Uzbekistan have gained widespread popularity beyond national borders. The NazzAR platform’s developed solution has reached second place in the AppStore’s top 10 most popular applications in its category.

In conclusion, Uzbekistan has made significant strides in innovative technology. From developing cutting-edge augmented reality applications to incorporating virtual guides at government facilities, it is clear that they are committed to making a name for themselves on an international level. The success of SmartChain and UnoAR demonstrates how far their efforts have gone and what kind of potential exists within this Central Asian country.

With more collaborations with large organizations like the Ministry of Innovative Development or even foreign companies, we can expect them to continue creating groundbreaking products that will revolutionize our digital landscape in the future.