SnagFilms is a platform for mobile devices on the Android platform, and it helps users watch full-length and multi-series films. The main feature of this program is that the authors of the presented content are unique independent directors.

The user will gain access to a movie that is different from the popular movie after he downloads and installs the application on his phone or tablet. Therefore, he can find art house movies, Lars von Trier films, documentaries of any taste, and Korean hits there.

Users can watch movies online or offline after downloading them on their smartphones. In addition, they can add interesting videos to the «Select» section, view trailers and look for shows and movies.

The user can open this application and immediately register and create a new account. After authorization, he will have access to a vast collection of films that can be viewed on an Android device. This program has a connector with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google. You can also create a free account by email. The subscription will allow you to view the recommended movies. If the user does not want to register, he can skip this step.

Films search

You can look for movies and TV shows in this application if you use different selection criteria. Users have access to critical descriptions, reviews and reviews. If you wish, you can download the video on your device and view it offline afterwards.

Film films and documentaries for adults and children are collected there. You can watch them with the original language track or subtitles. Besides feature films, this app has a variety of series. Therefore, there is a list of recommended videos, as well as sections with novelties and popular movies, so that the user is always aware of what other people like to watch today. There is a built-in video player that helps users expand the image to the entire screen and adjust the volume of the sound.

You can also easily create playlists and add them to your playlists. If you want, you can show your friends a link to the content you like most.

General features

Among its major strengths, there are abilities to:

  • download and use the programme free of charge;
  • watch thousands of feature films and multi-series films;
  • use the possibility of searching by applying different criteria;
  • use trailers are available, reviews can be read, critics can be reviewed;
  • browsing is possible only if there is an Internet connection;
  • take compatibility with gadgets on the Android platform.

SnagFilms is a free streaming service to search video on demand, which offers you to watch feature films, short films, series and talk shows in high quality. It has such a unique opportunity as content based on user interests collected from social media accounts.