Introduction and distribution of mobile applications

Introduction and distribution of mobile applications

The introduction of mobile applications occurred during the years when manufacturers began producing large-screen mobile phones. Initially, the applications were built-in and designed to perform defined functions on the device. These include, first, the «phone book». That software’s designed to organize contacts on a user’s device. At first, the person could only write the name and number of the phone number into this program. After a while, we were able to add an address, e-mail or other information about the person, including a photograph.

Some history

After people started to share text messages with each other via telephones, developers created many applications that allow the user to write and send to others. Twenty years ago, the first utilities were developed that could be installed on top of mobile phone software.

Once upon a time, special wires were needed to upload an application. With them, a mobile phone is connected to a computer. But after the developers invented the WAP technology that gave people wireless technology to people who didn’t have the desktop computer, they were able to download applications to mobile devices. Because WAP could work on budget phones, the number of people who use mobile applications increased.

In the early 2000s, the introduction of new data transfer technologies made Internet tariffs cheaper and therefore affordable to many people. As a result, people are able to easily download applications in large numbers.

Kismia app

Types of applications

We can theoretically divide all the mobile programs that have been created to date into paid and free ones. Paid ones will give users extended functionality and software upgrades. However, in recent years, another kind of program has become popular. They are called conditional free and you can download them and start using them free, but only for a time or with a limited set of functions.

Free programs are often the simplest ones. Experts argue that in today’s world, projects with a free-of-charge distribution model are the most profitable in digital stores. Users of mobile devices can find free downloadable applications for Android, which will help them in the process of completing a variety of goals and installing them on their gadget in a matter of minutes. With the help of special programs, you will be able to watch movies or communicate with friends, play or work.

For example, fans of books will appreciate such a program as eBoox app. It allows us to read literature presented in many different genres. You can install this application on your personal computer or on any mobile device. People who plan to communicate with people who are alive can benefit from a program like Kismia. You can find your soul mate without even leaving the house if you start using this one.